Festicia Social Media Engagement Intern

Intern Spotlight: Festicia Bovell, Social Media Engagement Intern

STRATA9’s Social Media Engagement Intern, Festicia Bovell, is a writer, graphic designer, and content creator for our communications team.  She is graduating from American University in a few weeks with a degree in public relations and strategic communication with a minor in marketing. On-campus, Festicia serves as the editor-in-chief of The Blackprint, where she oversees all content production, including articles, social media posts, videos, and event planning. She designs, edits, and produces the yearly print magazine, which compiles all written articles, photography, poetry, and more based on a theme for the magazine. The Fall 2022 theme was The Future Looks Like Me, which highlighted the experiences of students of color on American University’s campus who were navigating the pandemic while also building a bright future for generations to come. As a young woman in the professional space and as a first-generation college student, she enjoys bringing experience and authenticity to all of the work she produces. Festicia prioritizes optimism and professional growth spaces, aligning perfectly with STRATA9’s values. 

As an intern at STRATA9, she brings insights about her experience as a young Black woman and first-generation college student to support the team with social media efforts and storytelling. Her journey as a college student has been enriched by organizations like STRATA9, which advocate for inclusion, diversity, and social good; because of this, she continues to build on the importance of such a powerful message. 


We celebrate Festicia on her upcoming graduation from American University.  We look forward to celebrating her next steps, thank her for her many contributions, and wish her tremendous success in this next exciting chapter.  

We are committed to providing meaningful internships for motivated scholars seeking to learn social impact consulting. All internships are paid and provide students with a hands-on learning experience that values diversity, curiosity, and trusted tools for early professional growth. 

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