Where Progress Meets Purpose: Cultivating Cultures that Champion Women

Where Progress Meets Purpose: Cultivating Cultures that Champion Women

In today's corporate landscape, the pursuit of gender equality remains ever pertinent. Our CEO, Rosye Blancas Cloud, facilitated a conversation with renowned authors Dr. Amy Diehl and Dr. Leanne Dzubinski, the visionary minds behind "Glass Walls: Shattering the Six Gender Bias Barriers Still Holding Women Back at Work." This compelling discussion provided invaluable insights into the persistent challenges faced by women in the workplace and proffered actionable solutions to foster a more inclusive professional environment.

From personal encounters to advocacy, the inspiration behind "Glass Walls" stems from research and evidence. Dr. Diehl navigated the predominantly male bastion of Information Technology, while Dr. Dzubinski encountered significant gender biases in faith-based non-profits. Their collective experiences forged the path to their seminal work on workplace gender bia which provides a series of helpful tools and assessments for all workplaces. 

Recognizing the subtle nuances of gender bias, both overt and latent, requires astute observation and skill. As Dr. Diehl articulately expressed, the gender composition of an organization's leadership can be a significant indicator to priorities and culture. Moreover, an active examination of salary and personnel metrics can expose underlying disparities. When joining a new organization it’s important to assess the governance board, leadership team composition, and retention of talented women. 

Dr. Dzubinski highlighted the myriad benefits of fostering gender diversity—ranging from augmented financial performance to enriched corporate social responsibility. Their overarching message? Championing gender diversity transcends strategic benefits—it’s an impact and outcome multiplier for social impact and nonprofit organizations. 

A deep dive into the book led to the exploration of research into six predominant barriers: male privilege, external constraints, inadequate support systems, devaluation, open hostility, and acquiescence. These barriers manifest in various forms, from overt sidelining in meetings to more subtle undermining of female contributions. To help identify these challenges, Dr. Diehl and Dr. Dzubinski formulated an online diagnostic tool, "The Gender Bias Scale for Women Leaders," offering organizations a tangible method to assess and tackle gender bias proactively.

Overall the webinar had a strong and uplifting message, emphasizing collective endeavors and the pivotal role of allies in establishing a fair and empowering workspace. As we strive to eliminate these biases in the workplace, "Glass Walls" emerges as an instrumental resource, inspiring us to cultivate a workplace where every individual has the opportunity to excel.

For a deeper dive into this enriching dialogue, access the full webinar recording here.

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